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Armstrong Metalcrafts does prototyping and produces devices that stimulate the imagination, spark a conversation, and enlighten the soul.


Armstrong Metalcrafts was founded with the belief that mechanical objects, particularly those in motion, are beautiful. The three words Curiosity, Creativity, and Craftsmanship are the guide words for products considered for development. We are not a high volume manufacturing enterprise - these products are individually made in our Oregon workshop.

Orrery Picture Orrery Picture
TRAPPIST-1 Orrery Mechanical Paradox Orrery
Orrery Picture Cometarium Picture
Miniature Inner Planet Orrery Cometarium
Nearest Stars Demonstrator Picture
Nearest Stars Mechanical Paradox Demonstrator
Napier's Bones Genaille_Lucas
Napier's Bones Genaille Lucas Calculating Rulers
Lever Paradox CNC Machinist's Clock
Lever Paradox Machinist's Clock
HP-01 Battery Tool ThinkWeights
HP-01 Battery Tool ThinkWeights

Each item made by Armstrong Metalcrafts has been produced with thoughtful individual attention - these are not mass-produced by robots. Our goal is to recreate what you'd get if you dropped into an 18th century scientific instrument maker's shop in London and placed an order. We use a blend of old-world craftsmanship and CNC precision machining to complete each individual edition.

We invite you to visit our Product Page to see our product list.


Armstrong Metalcrafts does prototyping and commissioned work for individuals, start-up businesses, and larger companies. We have proven relationships with deeply experienced mechanical, electrical, and software engineers that can form a powerful team to quickly address complex projects. Products can be taken through the design, prototype and first article phases all the way through to production. We have a strong committment to confidentiality. Our client's intellectual property is carefully protected.

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