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This is our collection of products for sale. Click the title or picture to see a complete description.

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Orrery Picture TRAPPIST-1 Orrery

The TRAPPIST-1 orrery is the first high accuracy exoplanet orrery for another star in our galaxy. TRAPPIST-1 is an ultracool red M-dwarf star located within the constellation Aquarius, about five degrees south of the celestial equator. This star has received a lot of attention because a few of the seven planets are in the "habitable zone" and might have a chance to support life. One turn of the TRAPPIST-1 orrery input crank represents twelve hours of Earth time. The pointer on the time dial turns once for every two turns of the input.

$995 Available
Orrery Picture James Ferguson's Mechanical Paradox Orrery

This is a working reproduction of an Orrery built in 1750 by the Scottish astronomer James Ferguson. This is called the mechanical paradox orrery because the gear train is of an unusual design that illustrates the counter-rotating motions of the Moon's nodes and the apogee of it's orbit.

$995 Available
Inner Planet Orrery Picture Miniature Inner Planet Orrery

This is a miniature handheld orrery that displays the motions of Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars in correct relative velocities around the Sun. Designed to be demonstrated by hand, the orrery is about 4 inches across and is operated by a knob in the base.

$495 Available
Cometarium Picture Cometarium

This is a modern interpretation of teaching devices created to illustrate the movement of objects in an elliptical orbit. When first created in the 18th and 19th centuries, comets were a new and fascinating topic. These devices illustrate how comets sweep out equal areas in equal time intervals. Driven by a hand crank, the movement of the comet arm varies by position in orbit, moving faster closer to the Sun than when farther away.

$1250 Available
Nearest Stars Nearest Stars

This is a desktop model of the 22 currently known stars within 12 light years of our Sun. The model is based on the most recent data available, the most recent being WISE 0855−0714, discovered in 2014.

$175 Available
Demonstrator Picture Mechanical Paradox Demonstrator

This is a working gear train demonstrator for James Ferguson's Mechanical Paradox Orrery. It is designed to be shared with a classroom or passed around a lecture audience. The demonstrator lets people experience the differential motion of the gears first-hand by rotating the knob below the base.

$295 Available
Napier's Bones Napier's Bones

This is a museum quality presentation set of John Napier's numbered rods designed for multiplication, division, and the extraction of roots. Made of the finest materials, this will last for generations - carrying Napier's invention along to future generations.

$295 Available
Genaille Lucas Calculating Rulers Genaille Lucas Calculating Rulers

This is a museum quality presentation set of Genaille Lucas calculating rulers designed for multiplication and division. The set contains 23 rulers made of the finest materials, and will last for generations.

$295 Available
Machinist's Clock Machinist's Clock

This is the ultimate man cave or shop clock, machined from aircraft grade aluminum to give a new level of cool to the bench or desktop.

$260 Available
PI Paperweight ThinkWeights

ThinkWeights are paperweights engraved with important numerical constants, equations, and other things intended start a conversation. ThinkWeights are rotary engraved from aircraft grade aluminum to provide lasting value and a great heirloom to pass along to future generations.

$79 Available
Lever Paradox Lever Paradox

The lever paradox is a deceptively simple mechanism that inspires curiosity prcisely because it does nothing when it looks like it should be doing something.

$175 Available
HP-01 Battery Tool HP-01 Battery Tool

The legendary HP-01 calculator watch, first introduced in 1977, is highly prized by collectors. This tool is designed to facilitate the most careful removal and replacement of the back cover for changing the battery without risking damage to the case.

$79 Available

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